ATLS is actually an excellent 20-items scale comprising a couple bills, thinking for the lesbians (ATL) and you will gay men (ATG)

ATLS is actually an excellent 20-items scale comprising a couple bills, thinking for the lesbians (ATL) and you will gay men (ATG)

This study is part of a wide little bit of search into the class relationships and you may relevant attitudes for the different social groups. All the people was indeed looked at shortly after offering its concur written down. Participants was basically in hopes privacy to do a couple of report-and-pen forms on ATLG strategies myself. Volunteers acquired extra borrowing from the bank facts because of their path grade. The latest moral conditions of the Chilean Lookup Commission (CONICYT) have been observed.

Concurrently, governmental notice-categorization (asking on political choices coded to your around three groups: kept, cardio and you can correct) and you may sexual positioning was integrated

People answered demographic questions to test ATLG legitimacy: intercourse, many years, socioeconomic standing (large, middle and you may lower levels were utilized), and religion personality as a consequence of self-revealing towards the treatment for the question “Do you consider your self a religious people?” In addition, a great cuatro-item size level for the a good six-section Likert size regarding your benefits users give their spiritual info within their every day lifetime was used.

It was developed in Northern America. ATLG is measured on a 6-point Likert scale. The instrument was translated and adapted (Cardenas Barrientos, 2008) (see the Appendix). The ATLG Spanish language version in this study had not been used with Chilean populations before. The Cronbach’s alpha was 0.94 for ATLG; 0.88 for ATL; and 0.91 for ATG (The ATLG and the two subscales demonstrated good internal consistence for this sample. The correlation for the two subscales is high (r (503) = 0.84; p < 0.001). ATLG overall mean was 3.52 (SD = 0.75).

High (next to six) score exhibited deeper prejudice, and you will reasonable scores stated advantageous attitudes to the homosexuals

The main objective were to influence the underlying ATLG grounds structure. So, about three factor designs had been estimated: a-one-grounds model (ATLG contains a single homophobia reason behind and this all the factors saturate); a two-foundation synchronised model (a couple dimensions constructed from the ATL and ATG subscales whoever products is saturate in the related grounds was advised) an additional order model that have a couple coordinated factors (in which ATG subscale issues carry out saturate in 2 dimensions – gay Viewpoints and Characteristics – and people of ATL measure perform saturate in the other three – lesbian Traditional Thinking, and Societal Sanction and you can Public Legal rights). These five dimensions was indeed obtained from analyses carried out in previous knowledge (Cardenas Barrientos, 2008).

As a whole, the brand new fit is the best whenever design activities try enhanced. For this reason, the 2-basis second order model is considered the most parsimonious for everybody indexes gotten. CFI (Comparative Boost Index) and you may NFI (Typical Complement List) indexes inform you beliefs over 0.9, them thought to be decent (Bentler Dudgeon, 1996). RFI (Cousin Improve Index) well worth steps 0.9, especially in the five-foundation design. On top of that, RMSEA (Sources Mean square Mistake out-of Approximation) directory was extreme that have philosophy below 0.08 (Browne Kudeck, 1993), thus guaranteeing the best fit of one’s five-factor design.

Table 3 also shows the factor saturations for each of the five sub-scales model items. All standardized saturations were significant (p < 0.001). All of the 20 items of the standardized solution loaded on the general grouping factor in the expected direction. The relation between the five latent factors is as follows (covariance): the dimension Social Rights has a high positive correlation with the factor Nature (r = 0.6); moderate positive with both Social Rights (r = 0.43) and Social Sanction (r = 0.038); and high positive with Traditional Values (r = 0.74). The dimension Nature is moderately and positively correlated with Social Rights (r = 0.32) and Social Sanction (r = 0.35), but highly and positively correlated with Traditional Values (r = 0.61). The relation of the dimension Social Rights with Social Sanction (r = 0.31) and Traditional Values (r = 0.37) is moderate high. Finally, the relation between Traditional Values and Social Sanction is moderate positive (r = 0.43).

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