Bes is ready to come across the lady and will be offering a hug, however, Zia denies they

Bes is ready to come across the lady and will be offering a hug, however, Zia denies they

The 3 is attacked because of the demons, and you may Zia do not strive once the she used all of Khepri’s electricity, butise protected of the Bes together with gods during the Warm Miles. Zia miracle if the she will be help the gods, however, Bes says to the girl that they can be okay. Each goes back into the brand new mortal world and Zia sees Ra, claiming her label the very first time. Zia takes Ra within the, becoming his servers, and you can Ra is actually reborn, having Zia are the attention away from Ra. Zia/Ra enjoy Bes and you can Sobek, the help of its characters collection and being ready to getting reborn, looking due to the fact Zia on mortal community and you will Ra on the Duat. Zia says to Sadie to look after Carte, and you will complements new gods to fight Apophis once the Ra. Carter is freaked out one to Zia is becoming a vintage sun jesus, however, Sadie reassures your it is only brief. Zia/Ra tells Carter and Sadie to protect Amos, and so they give them Ra’s crook and you may flail. Zia/Ra assault Apophis, tossing flame on your, and you may Carter Zia’s ba to-be weaker. Zia/Ra foretells Carter, however, will get distracted that will be swallowed because of the Apophis. Zia/Ra leave Apophis as he is actually murdered, and you will Ra actually leaves Zia. Ra states one Zia usually heal, nevertheless needs awhile. Carter helps restore Zia regarding bedroom of your own First Nome.

Two weeks afterwards, Carter and you may Zia go to the Shopping center off America since their date that is first, and order Chinese Dinner, North american country food, Pizza pie, and you can frozen dessert. Men during the shopping mall look on Zia, wanting to know exactly how a man such as for example Carter could end with a good lady instance this lady. Zia informs Carter one she knows it absolutely was weird when she hosted Ra, but Carter informs the lady which was not, but Zia states it actually was. Zia tells Carter you to definitely Amos need her to reside a typical existence and this she would definitely real time within Brooklyn Family and you can illustrate initiates, and go to college, unless of course it made him awkward. Carter says she would like when the she stayed having him and rambles, however, Zia says to your to close off up and kisses him.


Zia is highly smart, which is often severe, computed, and you will single-minded, and make the girl a beneficial fighter and you may strategist. She actually is in addition to, however, enchanting, holds the lady precious of those next to the woman cardiovascular system, while having a loving, smooth and a lot more insecure front one to she rarely lets to show. Carter could be mostly of the so you’re able to actually have observed they, even when ultimately becoming because it had been only the girl shabti. Zia may from time to time end up being scared, unnerved, and you can terrified. Inside Serpent’s Shadow, she worries one she is unworthy, maybe not able, and never sufficiently strong enough to just accept the lady responsibility as the Ra’s host. Shortly after kissing Carter, she says to him she concerns getting close to some one because the someone she cared from the significantly (Iskandar, the woman mothers) have died, even when Carter frequently helps their see through that it.


Zia means getting really stunning with “vaguely Arabic” keeps and you may straight, jet black locks slash on the lady jawline, Egyptian-design. By the Serpent’s Shade, Zia develops the woman hair out down to the girl shoulders. The lady body is caramel-colored and her eyes are surprising emerald and layered that have kohl. Whenever she actually is aggravated, Zia’s eyes appear to be it “you will spark”. She wears sagging linen dresses and you may Egyptian perfume. From the Serpent’s Shadow, she’s commonly seen putting on white-linen and you will camouflage gowns. She’s got become named “one another beautiful and you can hazardous”. Centered on Carter, she ends up Queen Nefertiti, together high cheek skeleton and you will bright red lips. Once getting given the history Khepri beetle because of the Ra, Zia wears it as an effective necklace enabling their to route Ra’s stamina. Even with Ra merges that have Khepri which is reborn, Zia is still viewed using that it scarab necklace.

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